SALT Academy Announces Expansion

John 4:14 Missions is pleased to announce that on August 15, 2017, a new location was purchased for the school in the Philippines. Beginning in 2018 school year, Salt and Light Christian Academy will move to a new larger location near the present school. Thanks to the generous support of many of you, Salt will be able to expand its enrollment and meet the minimum standards for space requirements for the Philippine Department of Education.

Enrollment is expected to grow over the next few years to a level almost three times our current numbers. This will allow us to reach even more children with the good news of Jesus Christ as well as provide them with a high quality Christian education. Because our former location was so small and did not meet minimum space requirements, Salt was in danger of being closed due to its inability to meet these space requirements. In fact, a CEASE and DESIST order was written and was ready to be enforced. Through your generous financial and spiritual support, we were able to meet this challenge and purchase the building. Currently, the building is starting the early phases of remodeling the warehouse into a fully functioning school for the children that need our help and support to obtain an education that is both high quality and based on the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We are not quite done and continue to seek additional help in getting the interior of the school fully functional, but the lion’s share is done through His grace. Please keep this in your prayers and consideration as we develop the school into the temple of education, God would have it be and expand our student body to reach even more champions for Christ. Words cannot express our gratitude and joy at how you responded to insure that this ministry continues for years to come. From first hand knowledge, the children, the parents, the teachers and staff as well as the people who know of our ministry in the Philippines are amazed and inspired by the generosity and support that you have so willingly given. May God bless each and everyone of you and may God further His work through the ministry of Salt Academy and John 4:14 Missions.

SALT Academy ExpansionSALT Academy Expansion