Matthew 25:35

You Took Me In

“I was hungry and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in…”

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Waterfront Rescue Mission

John 414 Missions has partnered with Waterfront Rescue Mission to provide Christian music and Biblical devotions for those who come to the facility needing help. Additionally, Bibles are given to anyone who asks for one.

We count it a great joy and miracle to see the Lord work and restore those who call out to Him and seek Him. Often, someone will show us a well-worn Bible we gave them in the past, claiming the victory of Jesus and living a restored life.

The Waterfront Partnership

No one ever dreams of being homeless. However, due to economic circumstances, loss of job, mental illnesses, personal tragedies, addictions or poor choices, this nightmare becomes a hopeless reality to many. This is where Waterfront Rescue Mission comes in.

The men and women who come seeking help are just like the rest of us. They know they are in a desperate situation and want to do better, but they need support.

At Waterfront Rescue Mission, faith-based principles are used to transform people from the inside out. A person’s spiritual and physical needs are addressed and services are provided to bring about positive, permanent changes in their lives.

If you don’t have a friend in the world…you’ll find one here.

John 4:14 Missions Devotion Time

Devotion time at the Mission


If you don't have a friend in the'll find one here.

John 4:14 Missions giving Bibles

Giving free Bibles to anyone who asks.


John 4:14 Missions Serving Those in Need

Getting a hot meal.

John 4:14 Missions Giving Bibles

Bibles from John 414 Missions


Bibles Given So Far

100% of the funds donated to this project are used to purchase Bibles.

You Can Put God's Word Directly in Someone's Hand

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