Become a Prayer Partner

John 414 Missions is grateful for prayers and support from our friends all over the world. We truly believe that honest, open, heartfelt prayer is what God loves and desires from each of us.

We would love for you to pray with us and for us each day. Please pray:

✝ That God would direct the paths of each person involved in this organization, both individually and as a group.

✝ For wisdom and discernment to make the best use of God’s provisions.

✝ That the teachers and staff at SALT Christian Academy would continue to be effective spiritual leaders for the children and that the kids there would know how much God loves them.

✝ For the work in Zambia.  That each person we come in contact with would be open to the love God has for them.

✝ Specifically for God to order our steps according to His plan.


Thank you so much for being our prayer partner.  You are making a difference in our life and those we minister to.

The John 414 Missions Team