The Birth of Our Mission:

A group of men from Lusaka, Zambia, were in the U.S., singing Christian a cappella to raise money for the poor in their country.  The men stayed with families in the Daphne, Alabama area.  Several of John 414 Missions current board members were in those host families.  Founder, Jack Stover, worked long distance with some of the men when they returned to Zambia.  They decided to tackle the problem of no clean water for people in remote villages near Lusaka, Zambia.  Villagers walked for miles to hand carry water.  The first well was drilled in 2012 in the Muchinga Mountains.  John 414 Missions was born.  The second well went in a year later.  One of the Zambian men, an ordained minister, continues to travel to the villages to share God’s message of love.  A multi-use building and sanitation building were then erected for the two villages to have a church, school, community center, and restroom facilities.  Our regular partner in school funding is Adairsville Baptist Church in Georgia.  Donors give generously.  A third well has been drilled.  A fourth site is being surveyed.  The villagers now praise God for water and living water.  A church building was also purchased in 2022 in KaLinga Linga, in the bustling city of Lusaka, where many are worshipping, giving their lives to Christ, and being baptized.  All because of gracious gifts to John 414 Missions and our Zambian friends working so hard in Africa.

Zambian Men’s Choir Reunion

Kids Enjoy New Well

Kids Enjoy New Well

John 414 Missions 1st Well

1st Well

John 414 Missions 2nd Well

2nd Well

John 414 Missions 1st Village Church and School

1st Village Church and School

John 414 Missions Sanitation Building

Sanitation Building

John 414 Missions 3rd Well

3rd Well

John 414 Missions 2nd Village Church

2nd Village Church

John 414 Missions 3rd Church

3rd Church in the City

John 414 Missions Baptisms


John 414 Missions Chairman with Villagers

John 414 Missions Chairman with Villagers

John 414 Missions Founder at 2nd Well

John 414 Missions Founder at 2nd Well

John 414 Missions Nighttime Service in Village

Nighttime Service in Village

John 414 Missions Zambian Village

Zambian Village

John 414 Missions Well Locations

Well Locations

John 414 Missions Enlarged Map of Well Locations