John 414 Missions in the USA


Waterfront Rescue Mission

John 414 Missions partners with the Waterfront Rescue Mission.  WRM is a faith-based organization in Pensacola, Florida, which ministers to men dealing with homelessness, mental illness, personal tragedy, addiction, or poor choices.  Spiritual and physical needs are addressed to help bring about positive change in hearts and lives.  Once a month, John 414 Missions representatives join those who have come to seek shelter, ministering and providing Bibles to each man who desires one.  So far, $16,000 in Bibles has been handed out, thanks to supporters of John 414 Missions.   Our group also supplies hygiene items to WRM, and also to The Home of Grace for women in Mobile, Alabama.

John 414 Missions Bible Mission

2024 and the Bible mission is still going strong.  Volunteers from left to right are Pastor Danny Sears and Ann and Rob Kelly.

John 4:14 Missions Waterfront Rescue Mission
John 414 Missions USA
John 414 Missions USA
John 414 Missions USA